A written artical will be published soon by NZM (New Journal of Music, first issue in 1834) in German. The Japanese translation of the article will be released at this Website.
「~Art Music and Creativity~  becoming ambiguity in defination, In Today's Japan」
Gallery is updated. Photos taken by Hiromichi Ugaya (Journalist) during the live event on 25th Feb, with the premiere of  "Song of Salieri", "Same Path (New Version)" at Shibuya, Last Waltz. Please feel free to take a look!


in 2014
28th April 2014, 20:00, Seoul Art Centre
Korean Premiere
【4 Hands for a Grand Piano I-III】(2010)
2014 ACL Korea Festival  Invited Composer・ Works
30th April 2014, Seoul Art Centre
〈 Lecture on self compositions ~ Inner situation of a peformer during performance and its infinite possibilities~〉
【ikis  for violin and piano】(2007)
2014 ACL Korea Festival  Invited Composer・ Works
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May  '' Lattina International Music Festival '' in Italy 
[ F. fragments ] for piano and accordion (2012)
comm. by Meguri & Hussong Duo
< New CDs ! >

3rd portrait CD 【F.Fragments】will be released around June - July 2014 under WERGO (Germany).
tracks including :
[ F.fragments] for pf & acc (2012), [ NACH BACH, excerpt ] for pf (2004) and
[ BOOK I ] for acc (2010) will be released in 2013 Autumn (Germany)
Perfomered by : Yumiko Meguri (Pf), Stefan Hussong (Acc.)  
Producer : Rolf Stall (Wergo)
CD Liner : Ayumu Yasutomi
Conversation : Keiko Harada + Yumiko Meguri + Stefan Hussong
German Translation : WERGO
English Translation : Jeff  Clerk (CD liner note and all program notes) , HueyChing Chong (conversation)
    WERGO  HP 
[ BONE++] for bass-flute (2000/2011)
is included in solo album of Carin Levine's <THE MITHIC FLUTE>
released soon in KLASSIK CENTER (Germany)
[ Rondo Variations] (2006/13) will be included into new CD (Series of  
Ensemble Modern ) and released in Ensemble Modern Edition(Gemany)
< New compositions ! >

【 New Commission, World Premiere】
   Vox Humana (Vocal Ensemble)
   Ryuta Nishikawa (cond.)
   1st March 2015, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (small hall)
【 F Fragments  for piano and accordion PART 2 】(2014- )
  Commissioned by Yumiko Meguri and Stefan Hussong
(25th - 28th May 2014  LATINA International Music Festival, Invited Composer, World Premiere)
【 New Composition for flute Bass Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion】(2014)
  ( 8th November 2014 International Festival CultureScape, Commissioned Work, Basel, Switzerland )
【 For Francisco José de Goya, Guitar Solo 】(2014-2015)
  Commissioned by Jürgen Ruck   
【Piano Concerto】(2013-15)  V & VI movements
   (Oct 2015 - World Premiere)
【New Composition for Orchestra】(2014-15)
   (Oct 2015 Commissioned Work)
【New composition】for Percussion duo (2013-14)
 comm. by Kuniko Kato (perc) X Steven Shick (perc)
 (premiered in Los Angels, U.S.A.)